Common Corporate Relocation Moving Mistakes

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Corporate relocation can be an easier process if you plan ahead and avoid these common mistakes:

Moving your belongings yourself

A DIY move can seem like a good idea, but unless you’re able to fit all of your possessions in your car, it’s a mistake.
You can hurt your back with the heavy lifting, or break your favorite wedding crystals. Hiring professional movers to help you out with the heavy lifting and time management leaves you with time to handle everything else with the move: your relationships and health.

Packing your belongings yourself

Packing is a tedious task and an emotional one at that. Instead of doing it yourself, let someone help you pack everything up neatly and safely, with industrial pad wrapping paper & the knowledge on how to pack it so it would not get hurt during the transit.

Showing up unannounced

Some residential areas have rules on when you can move into your new place, for example: no moving on weekends to avoid upsetting the neighbors who are resting.
Make sure you can use the elevator without upsetting the residents.
Check and make sure you have space to park the truck without creating a traffic jam.

Forgetting the keys

This seems like a silly mistake, but it happens! You plan everything using carefully planned lists, you make the journey excited, and then you remember you left your keys to the new place in that drawer you never open. You do not want to call a locksmith and spend hundreds of dollars to open your front door. Keep the new keys with you on moving day, and have a pleasant move!

Common Corporate Relocation Moving Mistakes