Packing Tips

Packing Tips

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Packing Tips

Packing a complete house or place of work can be devastating. That’s why Chicago Long Distance Movers offers an absolute packing service and a full line of packing stuff. We are prepared to assist you no matter how small or big the work.

If you decide to carry out your packing, the following are several accommodating tips to help you:

  • Have a packing arrangement so you can stay on the timetable.
  • Contemplate one room or region at a time.
  • Put heavier items in smaller size boxes.
  • When packing many items in the same box, put the heavier pieces in the base and the lighter items on top.
  • We suggest that you handle high-worth items, such as coats, ornaments, valuable stones or metal, imperative private documents, expensive collections, stocks/bonds, hard cash, automobile keys, and laptop computers.
  • We do not shift risky items: cleaning supplies, paint, pesticides, spray cans, flammables, and ammunition.

Additional packing tips for a flourishing move

  • Unfilled drawers of fragile, non-transportable things and everything that would puncture or scratch other items
  • Keep all pairs and parts of things collectively.
  • Pack minute, easily broken, independently enfolded items one by one or a few together in tiny boxes, cushioning with compressed or shredded paper. Put small boxes in a particular bulky box, filling in spaces with packed-down paper
  • Put a unique mark (the letter A, or the number 1) on cartons you would like to unpack first at your end.

Make use of newspaper just for cushioning; not at all place it against items, as the ink will wipe off. It can even get entrenched into fine china, so be cautious!

One cautious consideration concerning packing: it should be observed that if the box itself is not broken, the moving company is not answerable for any scratched items that they did not pack. For fast, professional packing and the security of your items, give Why Chicago Long Distance Movers a call; it would be our gratification to help you!