5 Things To Check For Picking A Moving Company

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Moving companies’ service is no cheap though it may simplify relocation for you a lot. This also means saving some of your precious time and reducing stress, especially if you plan a long-distance or a corporate relocation.

Americans move a lot during their lives, but even if it’s not the first time for you, it’s relevant to check what’s new on the moving service market.


  1. Check If A Company Has License And Insurance.

To find a company’s license, go to the “About Us” page or check at the bottoms oh Home Page, copy the number and paste it on the U.S. Department of Transportation page. You can try the DOT or MC license number.

Every moving company has to have a license and active insurance.


  1. Company’s Duration Of Work.

If the company managed to stay in business for years, it might mean they proved the quality service. Nevertheless, it’s worth searching for recent comments and reviews.


  1. Moving Services.

Usually, big moving companies serve both local and long-distance relocation and residential and commercial moving. But as there is a growing demand for partial local moves, the number of small moving companies with few trucks, you should check this on the web site.


  1. Other Services. 

Most moving companies suggest ordering packing supplies, which simplifies the process for you. If you need to store your possessions for a while, check what a company can offer, what type of storage they have, and on what terms.

Some companies can provide with packing service for an additional fee. If you have valuable items, this could be your choice.


  1. CDC Health Recommendations.

Nowadays, it becomes a usual practice and question to ask. Moving companies follow some health recommendations like wearing face masks and keeping social distancing, but it’s worth clarifying with a particular company its status.

5 Things To Check For Picking A Moving Company