Can I Hire A Moving Company During Quarantine?

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Do Moving Companies Work In Chicago?


Most businesses are closed to stop the virus from spreading, except the ones defined as essential. In most states moving business is considered so, but if you are moving not in Chicago, it’s better to check the rules for your state or county.

If you are moving to or from Chicago, in general, moving business is operating, but it depends on a company. At Chicago Long Distance Movers, we are working as usual, except for the health recommendations we strictly follow to make your relocation safe.

Can I Still Move If I Feel Sick?

The one single vital option if you have any of COVID-19 symptoms is to inform your Moving Company. This is that exact situation when it’s necessary to be transparent and warn the movers as early as possible. The decision will depend on a company and may vary; maybe they will suggest postponing or will take additional measures to protect from possible coronavirus transmission.

Buy New Packing Supplies

As you may know, the second way of the COVID-19 transmission is through surfaces. It’s said that the virus is contagious for approximately 24 hours if it’s on cardboard. Therefore you should use only new boxes and not contact the nearest supermarket for the old ones.

Prepare Your House For A Safe Relocation

Clean while you pack with additional cleaning supplies protecting the possible virus spread. Try to finish packing 24 hours before a moving crew arrives for the same purpose as with new packing boxes. Make a sink, soap and paper towels available for the movers, and if you have extra sanitizers, offer them as well just in case.

Try To Postpone The Relocation If Possible

If it’s not critical to move during the lockdown, leave it till it’s over. It’s safer not only for you but for those who surround you. If something urges you to move now, ensure you take all the needed precautions.

Can I Hire A Moving Company During Quarantine