How To Beat A Post-Move Procrastination

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You don’t even want to think what follows the moving day because, after all these preparations, planning and organizing with one purpose – to get the relocation done, unpacking is awaiting! Why can’t you just get to a ready-to-live new house, because you worked so hard to make it happen? Well, there are still ways to make unpacking less stressful to enjoy a new life chapter in your new home!

Planning Unpacking Smart

Unpacking is so much harder than packing, and first of all, because you don’t seem to be in a hurry like it was with a moving day. Movers don’t depend on you completing the task on time anymore, it’s only you or your family. But the single thing to change your attitude is coming from the above – you should set a deadline for all unpacking getting done. As in any other task, it should be smart and realistic, so plan enough time for it.

Stress is not what you need when the task is not that pleasant, and not to increase the pressure, you should give yourself enough time for rest. Planning breaks will create a more relaxed atmosphere and will keep you away from worries about the lack of time, as you planned the time slot for rest!


To motivate yourself to do something necessary but not amusing, you can try to combine unpacking with something enjoyable, that you can do simultaneously. May sound simple, but such tricks are the most helpful and not always obvious. What is it for you? Listening to a new album of your top band or to a history lecture you were waiting for? Calling your friend you never had time for? Think of something you never had time left, and try to combine it with unpacking, it will distract from this routine.

How To Beat A Post-Move Procrastination