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Long-distance relocation is hard

At times, a Chicago long-distance relocation becomes too much to handle – corporate or domestic; it is incredibly stressful and time-consuming.
The idea of putting your stuff in boxes and making them fit in a truck can be overwhelming, especially if you are juggling other things, from work, to kids, to pets, or maybe you do not have everything to get everything done.

Cross-state office relocation to/from Chicago

When you are moving a business cross-state, it is never a mere case of the pack and go. Many people make common corporate relocation moving mistakes, simply because they haven’t planned it properly.

A lot of planning and preparation must go into it to make the transition smoother. Even before you decide whether or not to hire professionals, you must go through every item in your home to decide what goes into your new space and filter out items that you may need to give away or what goes into storage. Prioritizing items will help you measure the magnitude of the process ahead.

Create a packing and moving schedule for your relocation

Take your time to create a schedule, if you can. Life is full of surprises, and sometimes you have to move in a hurry. The next vital thing is to make a list of things that must take care of before the move. Some of the important things include purchasing moving Insurance to protect your valuables such as jewelry and appliances, updating license documents, and, if you have children, making early arrangements to enroll them in schools. You may also need to make a to-do list of all errands and tasks according to their priority. With all this taken care of, you can go ahead and start planning the relocation. Again, allowing a professional moving company will aid greatly in removing the weight off your shoulders.

How to choose a Chicago long-distance relocation company

Deciding on the best Chicago moving company is fundamental not only in the relocation but also in protecting your wealth, valuables, or belonging. It would be best to go for a reputable moving company; therefore, you need to go the extra mile and do your research. Some of the most important things to look out for in a good moving company are;

  • Number of years in operation
  • Their costing criteria
  • Track records
  • Licensing and Insurance offered by the company
  • Flexibility in services offered
  • Recommendations and reviews from trustworthy sources

Long-distance relocation services include:

1.      Packing Services

For a long-distance relocation, you will need to know where everything goes during your move. The moving company has specifically trained personnel to safely and categorically pack up according to your needs. They are keen to detail and help you keep an organized inventory. If you opt to pack yourself, you could inform the moving company to sign up for the partial packing service or no-packing service. Other customizable packing options are custom crating services for fragile items such as mirrors, packing and installing electronics, unpacking services, cleaning services, and debris disposal.

2.      Storage Services

Most companies offer different services designed for households and commercial clients. They can safely store your things and deliver them to you are ready. Whether you need to sell your home before relocating or still trying to find a place to stay, find a trustworthy company that can protect your property.

3.      Locksmith services

Many movers offer locksmithing services, which will secure your new house. You don’t want to move into a place that has the same key other people had and copied before.

4.       Cleaning services

Moving may get a bit too messy for you to handle single-handedly, so some moving companies may offer additional that extra hand as part of their customer care package or an additional fee. Some of the cleaning services offered include trash and debris disposal after unpacking.

5.      Transportation Options

The end goal of the move is to get everything to the new location, intact. During the first appointment with your moving company, notify them whether you prefer sending your stuff via road, sea, or air. Decide as early as possible on which mode of transport would be most convenient especially depending on how fast you may need them.

Save money during a relocation

During the entire process, you may need to dig a little too deep into your pockets. However, here are a few tips you can keep in mind to save you a little more coins.

  • Prioritize items you need most and donate the ones you don’t
  • Sell Items that may need to be replaced soon to get them out of the way
  • Donate items you no longer need
  • Hold a garage sale to get you some cash
  • Customize your services to meet your budget
  • Move during the offseason

Relocating with your family

Relocation is a tedious task by itself, but doing it with your family is way harder – because of all of the extra preparation that goes into it. Keeping your children safe during a relocation is crucial! You also need to change schools for each kid, find new friends, get to know a new city you haven’t been to before. Make sure to talk to your children as much as you can to prepare them for the move.

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