Choosing a Moving Company to Move Household Plants

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Household plants are very delicate and require proper handling when moving them to a new location. For that reason, you need to hire the best moving company that can handle your delicate plants. Here are just a few steps that can guide you through the selection process;

Follow these 7 steps:

Get referrals

You need to get referrals for recommendations from friends, coworkers, and family members. It is easy to trust a moving company that was recommended to you by a friend or a relative.

Get price estimates

Follow the rule of three- Get at least three estimates from three different companies before deciding. That way, you will easily compare the prices before settling for the one that quotes reasonable charges. You should also beware of extra charges that can lead to overspending.


Ask about their professional accreditation and make sure the mover is licensed. Ensure that you seek to see a valid license from the moving company. That way, you will be sure that you are dealing with a lawfully authorized company.


The moving company that you hire should be experienced in household plant moving services. They should have worked for many years before gaining adequate experience. You will also note an experienced moving company by how well they handle your plants.

Moving household plants safely

Follow these 3 steps while moving plants:

Before you move- Re-pot your plants into shatter-proof plastic pots, prune larger ones, check for insects, and parasites. Water them normally two days before moving.

During the moving day- Wrap, pack, label by marking carefully, and keep the temperatures at comfortable levels.

While at home- Unpack, place them on the clay pots, let them acclimatize, and allow recovery from transplant shock.


With all the above tips you can be sure to choose the best moving company for your household plants.

Choosing a Moving Company to Move Household Plants