Moving with pets in Chicago

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Moving your beloved pets can be tricky: they are unfamiliar with the new surroundings, they can eat things they shouldn’t just because they’re on the floor, and they can have little accidents on the car ride to your new home. Here’s our guide to moving pets in Chicago:

Step 1: Long distance pet move preparation:

  • Plan the car ride: an accident – safe carrier or a seat cover for your car, a leash, a toy, snacks, food and water, and a hot water bottle in case it’s cold.
  • Find a veterinarian in your new location: you never know when you’ll need it, so make sure you have the contact details of a vet and an emergency service that operates at night.
  • Take your pets on some car rides, to get then used to it. Some pets gets so anxious during car rides, they vomit and drool.
  • Bring your pet to the new location, to get used to the new surroundings and scents.
  • Hire long distance movers, so you could spend moving day with what actually matters- your family, furry or otherwise.

Step 2: Moving day with pets

  • On the car ride over, take stops every 2-3 hours to stretch your pet’s legs and let them do their business. Let them drink and eat before getting back to the car.
  • When you get to your new home, put your pets in a safe environment, meaning no nails / paint cans / food etc.
  • Put your pets in a room where they can’t run away: this is crucial, because they don’t know the new place and they can run without having the ability to come back.
  • Give them their old bed back: This will make them feel safe.
  • Take a walk in your new neighborhood. This will familiarize your pet with the new scents and sights, making them feel more “at – home”.

Step 3: Relax in your new home!

Congratulations, you made it! Now put your feet up and cuddle with your pet!

Moving with pets in Chicago