Is it OK to Move While Pregnant?

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Congratulations, you’re a happy (and slightly hormonal) mommy – to – be, and you’re planning a move. But what do you do when you’re pregnant? Do you just not move? Or perhaps only help packing and leave the heavy lifting to others?

You may need to move because your house has toxic mold which will affect your baby, or because you want to move to a better, safer environment or a better job, whatever the case is – you should not postpone a move because you’re pregnant.

In fact, moving and making a new home is a natural part of your pregnancy: Nesting.

First, heavy lifting and stress are related to premature birth.

That being said, this shouldn’t deter you from moving, because you really don’t have to do much with professional movers and packers.

The safest option is to hire professional movers and packers, who will pack up everything for you, get you packing materials, clean your house (new and old), change the locks, take you to the new place in a car, and basically do it all for you, without you lifting a finger.
You have the option to choose which of these services you need most, and get an estimate from your chosen moving company.

All you will have to do is book the moving date and then show up.

When my wife was pregnant, I didn’t let her lift a finger, but I was too busy at work to help out, so I hired a moving company and she was so happy I did, because she was too afraid to ask it of me but I know that the stress of moving will but stress on her, and what’s stressful to the mom is stressful to the baby.

Best of luck in your move with your growing family.


Is it OK to Move While Pregnant