Packing supplies: What You Need and Where to Find

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Moving home can be expensive, especially if you need to move long distances. But you can reduce transportation costs by packing some or all of your belongings. Take a look at these handy packing tips, straight from professional packers at a reputable moving company.

Sure, preparing your family is a great job, but don’t let that confuse you! Careful planning and organization are essential when packing your belongings for transportation.

Boxes – for free

You can save money by collecting clean boxes at local supermarkets, but make sure the boxes are dry and free from insects and other pests. You should only carry strong corrugated cardboard boxes with lids or folding plates. Old newspapers can be used as packing material, but the ink can dull and stain your belongings.

If you can’t find clean, sturdy chests, don’t use substandard containers or you could end up damaging your belongings. Alternatively, buy suitable moving boxes from the moving company; you may be able to get your money back if it is in good condition after the move.

Before you start packing

Choose a workspace large enough to accommodate the largest moving boxes, with a solid table or work surface. Cover your table with towels or a blanket to prevent scratches. Place a large stack of wrapping paper on the table and keep markers, scissors, tape, and other packing materials close at hand.


These packing tips from the pros will help you plan and organize the packing of your household items. If you still feel like it’s too big of a task for you, don’t worry, a reliable moving company can do all or part of your packing, just ask them.

Packing supplies What You Need and Where to Find