Preparing For a Big Move

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Preparing for a big move can be an ordeal in itself, but with the right preparation and organization, it doesn’t have to be. Some people like to clean and organize before packing, to make emptying easier. Others pack at random, planning to take their time unpacking and organizing.

Regardless of which personality you lean towards, knowing how to pack for moving day makes the entire process more efficient and less stressful. These packing tips will help you prepare for the move.

Start early

A helpful tip is to start with out-of-season or infrequent items while storing the items you last used daily. This will allow you to start packing as soon as possible and minimize the hassle. Pack your most used items in specific boxes, so you know what to unpack first.

Label everything

This is one of the most popular moving tips and for good reason. You can mark boxes for each room and use colored paper and pens to label each box. For example, use purple paper for the bedroom and print the contents of the box on that paper, using a marker so that it is visible from afar. You can name at least two adjacent sides of each square, so they are easy to read no matter which way they are facing.

In addition to naming the boxes, keep a notebook handy listing each box and its contents. This will help prevent loss. Numbering squares is another useful way to keep track of them.

Protect yourself during a move

To avoid injury, do not fill chests only with heavy objects. Use small chests for items like books; A back injury is the last thing you need on transition day. If there is extra space left in a box after filling it with books, use blankets, curtains, or towels as fillers to make sure the contents are packed securely without being too heavy.

Preparing For a Big Move