Relocating? How You Choose The Best Mover

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Relocating to a new area is both exciting and overwhelming. Think about making new memories and friends from the new location or just the curiosity of the new environment — thrilling, right?

Apparently, it can also be a devastating process before you get settled — packing, taking care of kids and pets, time requirements, offloading, and arranging everything in the new house.

Recent research revealed an increased number of complaints about fraudulent and unprofessional movers. You do not have to be part of these statistics — instead, follow these tips to choose the best movers, whether it’s a local move or a long-distance move.

Get referrals

Some of your friends, family, or colleagues may have relocated recently and might know a reliable moving company. Talk to them and ask for details about their experience with the movers. You can judge their reputation based on this information since they are people you trust.

However, consider if they were doing a residential or corporate relocation to ensure that the experience is relatable to what you need. Later, you can start visiting some of the referral companies and do more research on them.

Check on licensing and insurance

The reason why some people are getting duped is that they are using unlicensed moving companies. You must ensure that your mover is legally authorized to relocate you — are they licensed under the Public Utilities Commission or Department of Transportation?

If yours is an international relocation, you might have to check more agency licensing such as Federal Maritime Commission (FMC).

Once you ascertain this, check on their insurance coverage — the policies and the items covered as well. You do not want to work with a mover who leaves you with preventable liabilities.

Your budget

How much do you want to spend on your relocation? Ask for a quotation from every moving company you have shortlisted.

They say that cheap is being expensive; think about damages or lost items. However, the most costly moving company does not also prove to provide the best services. It is all about examining the details of the quotations and the quality of services — be wise!

Are you planning to relocate? Here are simple but effective tips to help you choose a professional moving company.


Relocating How You Choose The Best Mover