Top 5 Chicago Relocation Tips

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You may be moving for a better job, or for your current job. You may be moving for love. You may be moving to save money. Whatever the case is, it is not a simple process, and it makes most people very stressed.

As an experienced moving company, we know all about relocation and what it entails, and we have prepared this list of the top 5 tips for a smooth, hassle – free relocation.

Tip #1: Calculate the moving costs

When you create a moving budget, you should first get an estimate from your moving company, then add the costs for packing materials, loss of work days, gas and snacks for the drive over, furniture for the new place, cleaning services, locksmith services, etc. Each move will be slightly different, so make sure to make a moving plan and calculate each step.

After factoring in all of the possible moving costs, add another 15% for unplanned expenditures.

Tip #2: New town, new facilities

Your kids will need to be enrolled in schools, you will all need new doctors and supermarkets, your pets will need a new vet, you will basically need to find it all anew- from hairdressers to doctors. This brings up to our next tip:

Tip #3: Ask for help

Your family and friends are a good source of recommendations, and you should also ask around on social media. Perhaps your cousin has just moved and has a few moving bins laying around unused.

Tip #4: Hire packers and movers

Relocation is a hard enough task to manage, without having to pack, move and then unpack everything. It takes precious time that takes you away from your job – costing you more money to take care of thinks on your own. Pro movers and packers will have the knowledge, materials and experience to get you to your destination, stress – free. Ask your moving company about a white glove moving service and packing materials.

Tip #5: Meet new people

When you move to a new place, take the time to enter groups to meet people – a book club, a running club, anything you like. These people will become your friends, and help you get familiar with the new area.

Call us now for an estimate, we will take care of all the rest!

Top 5 Chicago Relocation Tips